Hand painted personalised glassware

Hand painted personalised glassware

Unique Glasses have a range of hand painted personalised glassware to choose from – From Wine glasses to pint glasses, cocktail martini glasses to champagne glasses, whiskey to shot glasses, below is just some of the standard glassware range that Stacy currently paints on.

Non standard personalised glassware

As well as our standard glasses below we also have a good supply list and access to a vast range of glass products.

We can normally get hold of any special glassware that you may require. Feel free to contact us and let us know what glassware you are after and we will see what we can do for you.

If you have any questions what so ever regarding our hand painted personalised glassware please feel free to email stacy@uniqueglasses.co.uk or phone Stacy\Richard on 01473 487 987 and will be more than happy to help!

Want to see our glasses at first hand? Visit our shop Glass & Craft located at Kersey Mill, Suffolk.

Our standard personalised glassware

Hand painted Wine Glass

Wine Glass: holds 340ml and stands approximately 19cm high.

hand painted personalised glassware

Pint Glass: holds 568ml and stands approximately 16cm high.

hand painted glassware

Champagne: holds 210ml and stand approximately 21cm high.

hand painted glassware

Pint tankard: standing about 13cm high, great for those real ales.

personalised hand painted glassware martini glass

Martini: quite large, holds 305ml and stands about 17cm high.

hand painted glass

Hi-Ball: Holds 465ml and stands 16cm high, great for long drinks.

hand painted glassware

Tumbler: smaller than the Hi-Ball, Ideal for kids, stands 13cm high.

hand painted beer glass

Pilsner: abount 17cm high, great for a small beer or long drink.

hand painted whiskey glass

Whiskey\Mixer:  standing about 9cm high, ideal for a night-cap.

Hand painted cookie jar

Cookie Jar: Ideal for cookies or sweets, 16cm(H) x 16cm(W) x 10cm(D)

Hand Painted shot glass

Shot Glass: holds a single shot (25ml) ideal for tequila or any other shot.

Glass Mug: suitable for all hot drinks, stands about 11cm high


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